Prof. Tremaine Receives NSERC Industrial Research Chair to Advance Nuclear Reactor Research

IRC Funding Announcement
IRC Funding Announcement. From left to right: Anthony Vannelli (Dean, CPES), John Jackson (Acting Manager, NSERC Ontario), Basma Shalaby (former President, UNENE), Lloyd Longfield (MP Guelph), Peter Tremaine (Professor and IRC holder), Malcolm Campbell (Vice-President, Research, Univ. Guelph)

“Prof. Peter Tremaine has been named the NSERC/UNENE (University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering) Senior Industrial Research Chair in High-Temperature Aqueous Chemistry.

Among the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) most esteemed grants, Industrial Research Chair Grants are awarded to researchers considered international leaders and exceptional among their peers.

The chair is worth nearly $2.5 million over five years, with $930,000 coming from NSERC and more than $1 million from industry. The University and other government agencies will contribute the remaining funds.

The announcement was made today by Lloyd Longfield, MP for Guelph, at the University.

“Our government is proud to support the important work of talented researchers like Professor Tremaine, who is collaborating with industrial partners to modernize our nuclear energy industry and address issues like global warming,” Longfield said.

“Through programs like NSERC’s Industrial Research Chairs, we are bridging the gap between discovery-driven research and applied research in order to address the important challenges that are important to Canadians.”

Tremaine hopes his research will help extend the lifetimes of Canada’s current heavy-water nuclear reactors, lower reactor radiation fields and improve long-term storage of spent fuel. He expects related research will also help in designing next-generation reactors.”

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Prof Receives NSERC Industrial Research Chair to Advance Nuclear Reactor Research